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The Republican National Committee is considering a change in its bylaws that would prohibit GOP presidential candidates from participating in presidential debates put on by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

In a letter to co-chairs of the debate commission, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the party would initiate the rules change at its upcoming winter meeting, slated for February in Salt Lake City.

The nonprofit commission run by members of both parties considers itself nonpartisan, but it was a target of former President Donald trump's ire during the 2020 election.

Trump withdrew from a debate hosted by the nonprofit commission in October 2020 after organizers made it virtual following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

The RNC said it wants the commission to commit to holding a debate before the start of early voting and agree to not hold any matchups after the state deadlines to mail absentee ballots to military personnel and overseas voters.

Other reforms the RNC is seeking include term limits for CPD’s board members and a ban on partisan political activity for officials and staffers of the commission.

The party also requested that the commission make its moderator selection process transparent, as well as adopt a code of conduct for moderators amid debates.