Rand Paul Chamber fly-in 1

WASHINGTON, D.C. — We spend too much at the federal level: That was the message Wednesday from Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, speaking to a west Kentucky group visiting our nation's capital.

Inside the Capitol Visitor Center, local leaders and Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce members met face to face to hear his thoughts on getting support for local projects.

Paul discussed how he believes his fiscal responsibility pairs with the area's need of federal funding for local projects. "While I'm a fiscal conservative, if we have a program out there that the government is paying for, and they're doing it in all the states, we will advocate for Paducah get their portion of it," the senator said. 

He also talked about his "Penny Plan": Cutting one penny from every dollar to help pay for projects. "So let's say there's something Paducah really likes, and it's a community grant that we give you, like a build like we talked in there that helped the community. But what if we told everybody in the country 'You can get it, but you're going to get 1% less than we thought we had, because we don't have enough money?' Almost everybody comes up and says, well, that's not unreasonable. You're not talking about getting rid of all government; we'll spend one percent less. But you present that up here, and the big spending Republicans and Democrats say 'Oh no, we could never do that up here.'"