Rand Paul

KENTUCKY— Kentucky Senator Rand Paul weighed in on troops in Afghanistan Sunday morning on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.

Paul spoke about two service members who were killed in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan over the weekend, 29-year-old Sergeant Ian P. McLaughlin of Newport News, Virginia and 21-year-old Private First Class CLASS Miguel A. Villalon of Joliet, Illinois.

"We ought to end those wars," Paul said. "I think President Trump has been very consistent saying he doesn't want perpetual war. But I have pushed back and I've said, 'If you keep sending more troops, you will have perpetual war.' The troops are merely targets. I'm going to be having a hearing in the next couple weeks about the Afghan Papers. It troubles me that in private commanders and generals have been saying for more than a decade that there's no mission in Afghanistan. We had two young men die this week. You know, I have friends who will be sending their kids there in the next six months. I don't want to send these young men and women to war if there is no mission and if the generals are privately saying it can't be won."

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the BOMBING which is currently under investigation.