Sky 6–Through the Lense: Burden Falls

SALINE COUNTY, IL. — Local 6 is introducing a new segment that will air every Sunday night where we take a look at the beauty of our local area.

This week, we will be taking you to Burden Falls in Shawnee National Forest — where this week’s wintry weather created some amazing views.

Sue Hirsch is an employee at Shawnee National Forest. She gives us a deeper insight into the natural beauty of the forest.

“People sometimes just happen upon burden falls and have a nice surprise.

I think a lot of people don’t realize that there’s a lot of winter beauty, like right now. Wherever there is a little snow on the ground or none at all, there’s quiet a bit of beauty with the rocks, the water falls and the variety of landscape we have.

The temperatures sometimes don’t stay cold in Southern Illinois very long, so when we get some snow on the ground or cold enough temperatures for freezing water, it may not last long, a week or less.

So, I think what makes Burden Falls so outstanding is that it’s a large waterfall. The water is flowing over it and freezes and creates massive icicles that people wouldn’t expect or see all the time. It’s pretty spectacular.

The signs warn people that it is a high bluff area. Anytime that they visit the forest, they should be in proper clothing and footwear. The rocks, whether they look wet or not, can be slippery. People need to take extra caution. Sometimes it’s bone dry. As it rains, that’s when those seasonal waterfalls will be flowing.

It’s one of the most outstanding locations for scenery is burden falls in the forest, definitely.”