SMITHLAND, KY— A water main break in Smithland, Kentucky is causing some problems. 

An underground pipe began leaking and spewing water above ground, forcing the transportation cabinet to shut down a portion of Kentucky Route 453.

Crews were able to get the pipe fixed and the water turned back on, but people in Smithland will need to boil their water to drink and cook with until the state gives the all clear that the water is safe, which could take a few days.

"The last time we had this it was no problem but since it's on the weekend it'll be Monday at least before we can get any results on our water, as to whether we need to continue to keep boiling or not." says Mayor of Smithland Bill Hesser.

Route 453 in Smithland will be closed until the transportation cabinet can fix the hole that was dug. Passenger cars can use route 967 as a detour, and semi trucks can use route 937.