MARSHALL COUNTY, KY— The parents of some Marshall County High School victims went live on Facebook on Saturday to ask for an apology from Attorney General Andy Beshear.

During the gubernatorial debate in Lexington on Oct. 15, Beshear said that he had met with parents from the Marshall County school shooting. 

"I too also met with the parents of the Marshall County High School shooting," Beshear said. "And while I didn't go in front of the cameras, what I offered them was every resource of our office to help prosecutors make sure we secure justice in that situation for the families."

Brian Cope, who lost his son Preston Cope in the shooting, sat beside his wife, Teresa, and Judge Executive Kevin Neal for the live video. Secret and Jasen Holt, parents of Bailey Holt, who also died in the shooting, also joined Cope, along with several other parents whose children were injured in the shooting. 

"He intentionally made his comments sound as if he spoke with all the families affected by the shooting," Cope said. "He didn't"

Cope shared that he believes Attorney General Andy Beshear owes an apology to him and several other families. 

"We want him to apologize to those of us that never saw him or any of his staff after the shooting." Cope said. "And its been a year and ten months and we still haven't."

Judge Executive Kevin Neal says that this is not political and these families deserve to be heard. 

Andy Beshear spokesperson Sam Newton sent us a statement regarding the event stating:

“Attorney General Beshear traveled to the Marshall County Courthouse on January 25, 2018. During that time, he pledged his full support to the local prosecutors and county attorney, and met a roomful of impacted families that were in the courthouse for the hearing that day. Andy did not do any media interviews. His office dedicated resources, two victims’ advocates and assistance from prosecutors in the attorney general’s office in the hope of providing any possible healing and justice. Andy grieves for the families and the entire Marshall County community.”