FULTON, KY — Several feral cats in Fulton, Kentucky, have been killed. The community is calling for something to be done, and Kentucky State Police troopers are investigating.

Gary Grooms is one of several people in Fulton who keep an eye on the feral cats in the neighborhood. 

"Well, I feed them. I have several other citizens that feed them, and take care of them, and love on them," said Grooms.

He said on Saturday several of the cats they look after were killed. 

Blurred cat

Grooms says this cat was shot through the neck with what appeared to be a high-powered pellet gun. A woman who lives in Fulton shared this photo and others with Local 6. 

Grooms said there are usually 20 cats that stay in the area, but that number has recently gone down to about 10. 

Blood stains near food

Blood stains were found near food that was left out for the cats. 

"It's just terrible what happened with these animals," said Grooms. "I mean, they've been cared for, they was loved, they was vetted. These was pets, and they was killed." 

Bloody cat

Someone holds up bloody cat after it was found shot. 

Fulton police handed the investigation over to Kentucky State Police. Fulton Police Chief Terry Powell said a Fulton officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay, because of the investigation.

Grooms said he wants whoever killed the cats to be charged.