MASSAC COUNTY, IL -- Several stolen items and evidence of vehicle theft were found at a home in Massac County, Illinois.

On Monday, a search warrant was executed in the 2900 block of North Avenue.

The search warrant was granted after Massac County Sheriff's deputies found numerous stolen vehicles that had been recycled locally.

Deputies say the stolen vehicles, along with other stolen items, were being ran through the home.

During the search of the property, deputies found a stolen ATV, trailer, generators, pressure washers, power tools, vehicle parts, drug paraphernalia, and methamphetamine.

Deputies also learned that evidence was being burnt and buried in the yard.

Digging equipment was brought in and evidence related to stolen vehicles was found underground.

This investigation has been ongoing since early 2019 and is a joint operation between the Massac County Sheriff's Office, the McCracken County Sheriff's Office, the Metropolis Police Department, the Paducah Police Department, FBI and the Illinois Secretary of State Police.

The investigation is ongoing and arrests are expected.

Massac vehicle thefts