While the country was shut down, essential workers in our community rose up to keep us all safe and healthy. They're your family, your friends, maybe your neighbors, or they could be people you've never met before.

The thing about superheroes is, not all of them wear capes. Some wear scrubs, uniforms, or regular clothes. They may work in fields, classrooms or in hospitals. Some drive cruisers, trucks or ambulances. One thing they have in common, they're here for us no matter what life throws our way.

All of them gave us hope. They may work in different careers, are different ages, and are from different places but there are some things they have in common: they’re all humble. They don't want to talk about themselves, but they get a sparkle in their eyes when they talk about their journeys and how they got where they are.

They all say there's nothing else they would rather be doing. They're showing all of us what it means to be stronger together.