WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN — Soybeans are an important part of life in Weakley County, Tennessee.

Soybean Festival

For the past 26 years, the annual Tennessee Soybean Festival has been held in Martin, Tennessee. The festival celebrates an important cash crop in the area.

Whitney Wright is part of the soybean planning committee. She said the festival draws a big crowd.

"I love the fact of everyone coming together, and everybody in the community comes and they work — so hard — to make this such an amazing event," Wright said. "And I like the fact that we have so many kid programs."

It all boils down to tiny soybeans. 

Scotty Ogg has been a soybean farmer for 26 years. He said it’s not always easy, but he loves it.

"The crops, not only do they put food on your table, literally," Ogg said. "There’s families out here that work for the agriculture industry. That’s where they make their paycheck."

Ogg said on his farm alone there are about 1,200 acres for soybeans. The beans are used in food products, oils, and livestock feed.

"There’s more soybeans in this county than any other crop," Ogg said.

Ogg said soybeans play many roles in farming. They also help grow other crops, like corn.

The Soybean Festival will continue through Sept. 7. On Saturday, the festival will have its first special needs day, which caters to kids with disabilities.