The U.S. National Weather Service Paducah, Kentucky, and U.S. National Weather Service Memphis, Tennessee, have confirmed 14 tornadoes touched down in the Local 6 area on Saturday.

Kentucky had the most tornadoes, while the most powerful tornado, an EF2 with winds of 125 mile per hour, touched down in Jackson, Missouri.

Damage was left behind, but no injuries were reported.

The location of the 14 tornadoes are listed below.


  • Jackson, MO – EF2
  • Patton, MO – EF1


  • Ware, IL – EF1


  • Benton, KY – EF1
  • NW of Pembroke, KY – EF1
  • SE of Hopkinsville, KY – EF1
  • Southern LBL – EF1
  • Blue Springs, KY – EF0
  • Wingo, KY – EF1
  • Southern Caldwell County into far Norwest Christian County – EF1
  • Sothern Caldwell County into Northwest Christian County and Pennyrile Forest State Park – EF1
  • Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park – EF1


  • NW of Troy, TN – EF1
  • NE of Sharon, TN – EF0