Allison Ball

FRANKFORT, KY — Kentucky Treasurer Allison Ball announced Monday that she has returned $100 million in unclaimed property to Kentuckians since first taking office. 

Ball says this property belongs to Kentuckians, not the government, and is committed to returning it to its rightful owners. Ball says she is a strong proponent of property rights. 

Unclaimed property consists of payroll checks, unclaimed safety deposit boxes, old life insurance policies, stocks, or vendor checks that have remained unclaimed by their owners after several years. 

“I am thrilled to announce we have surpassed $100 million dollars in unclaimed property returns and I look forward to continuing this important work,” Treasurer Ball said. “Kentuckians in every corner of our state face unemployment and financial strains due to the pandemic. There has never been a greater time to return this property to Kentuckians and I could not be prouder of my team for their tireless work in returning property to the rightful owners, as we too work through COVID-19.”

The Treasurer says the 100-millionth dollar returned will go to Special Olympics Kentucky. Unclaimed property can belong to individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and/or organizations. 

Ball says she has returned more unclaimed property to Kentuckians than any other Kentucky State Treasurer. 

“Working through a pandemic to deliver this property to its rightful owners has been a unique challenge for the Unclaimed Property Division and I thank our team for their hard work,” Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of Unclaimed Property Lorran Hart Ferguson said. “Their diligence and flexibility have allowed us to bring these incredible resources to Kentuckians in a difficult time.”

You can see if you have unclaimed property by clicking here and searching you name.

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