TRIGG COUNTY, KY — With two school shootings so close to home — at Heath and Marshall County high school — and many others across the nation, police in Trigg County are training for the worst.

The Cadiz Police Department held its 16th annual active shooter training inside Trigg County Middle School on Friday.

Cadiz Police Maj. Duncan Wiggins with says they wanted the training exercise to be as close to the real thing as possible, because they’ll only have minutes to save your children if a shooting happens.

Real guns, real shot sounds, real stress: Wiggins says that’s how they’re preparing to keep your child safe.

“It puts some realism into the training, because we don’t really shoot bullets at each other, but to hear those sounds creates the stress levels that we need. We need our officers to be stressed under these situations because if we do that here then it’s less when they get into a situation like that,” Wiggins says.

Wiggins says in years previous they focused on smaller spaces like classrooms and hallways. Because of what happened in Marshall County High School in the commons area in the January shooting, he says that they’re focusing on active shooters in wide-open spaces.

“We’ve seen a lot of trends that have changed our tactics and over the last 16 years now,” Wiggins says.

Wiggins also says this training isn’t just part of a job. “These are our families. These are the people that we love the most. It’s our responsibility. We are those warriors. We are those guardians that have been given the responsibility to ensure their safety, and that’s why we take it so seriously,” Wiggins said.

They’re not preparing for the if, but preparing for the when.

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