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LOUISVILLE, KY — Two former Louisville Metropolitan Police Department officers have plead guilty to conspiracy to violate the civil rights of pedestrians through the arbitrary use of force, oppression, and intimidation. One of the two also pled guilty to a separate cyberstalking conspiracy charge. 

According to court documents, Bryan Wilson and Curt Flynn assaulted and attempted to assault multiple pedestrians while working as detectives with the LMPD Ninth Mobile Division.

While on duty, driving LMPD vehicles, and dressed in LMPD uniforms, the pair would video record themselves throwing large beverages at people walking down the street and circulate these videos to other members of their division. 

After identifying their intended targets, Wilson, Flynn, or another unnamed driver would slow their vehicle down and get closer to the sidewalk where the person was walking. They would use the police radio announcer to say things like "someone was thirsty" or "thirsty fam" to the target before throwing the beverage and its contents at them and then accelerating the car to flee the scene. People were often hit with the beverages and in at least one case, someone was knocked down and injured. 

Wilson pled guilty to a separate charge of conspiracy to commit cyberstalking. According to the court documents, Wilson conspired with others to use electronic communication services with the intent of harassing and intimidating at least six women between Sept. and Oct. 2020.

Wilson and another person hacked into women's computer applications to steal compromising photos, videos, and other information about them. He then contacted the women via text message and threatened to release the stolen media unless they provided him with more compromising material. 

Wilson and Flynn are scheduled to be sentenced by a federal court judge in Sept. 2020. Wilson faces a combined maximum of 15 years in prison and Flynn faces a maximum of 10 years. There is no parole in the federal court system. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is also involved in this case.