Young and White

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY -- Two Paducah woman were charged with fraudulent use of a credit card.

On October 25, a woman called the McCracken County Sheriff's Department to report two fraudulent charges on her bank account.

The victim said she had two $55 charges to Inmate Sales is a service that allows inmates to make phone calls and buy items while in jail.

Detectives were able to determine the two charges were placed on the account of a McCracken County inmate, 27-year-old Ricosha Young of  Paducah.

Young was arrested in McCracken County on October 23 on numerous charges including trafficking in controlled substances, promoting contraband, tampering with physical evidence, and resisting arrest

Detectives say Young had recorded the victim's bank card information when the victim went to a local restaurant where Young worked before she was arrested.

Young then forwarded the card information to 28-year-old Cynthia White of Paducah. Under the direction of Young, White created a fake account online and made the two fraudulent charges.

Both White and Young were charged with fraudulent use of a credit card under $500. An investigation is ongoing.