LEXINGTON, KY — The University of Kentucky sent an alert to students and staff Friday after a rape was reported in a residence hall. 

A news release from the University about the incident says a female student who lives in the residence hall reported to campus police that a male guest raped her just after 12 a.m. Friday. The student said she knows the suspect, the news release says, and the crime is being investigated by university police and Title IX. 

The university also received a sex crime complaint Monday, when a female student reported that a man she knows touched her inappropriately. The sexual abuse incident also happened in a residence hall. In a news release about that report, the university said it happened in the early morning hours of Saturday, Nov. 2. 

These are not the only sexual assaults reported in University of Kentucky residence halls this year. According to previous crime bulletins the school sent, female student reported a sexual assault at a residence hall on Jan. 25. Another sexual assault in a residence hall was reported Sept. 29. In October, a female student reported that a male student had raped her on Sept. 27. Another female student reported that she was raped on Oct. 18. 

A look at the University of Kentucky Daily Crime Log also shows multiple reports of harassment.