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MARTIN, TN — In a meeting on Friday, Nov. 20, the University of Tennessee Board of Trustees approved permanent rules to revise the student codes of conduct for each campus to comply with federal Title IX regulations and to adopt a permanent student immunization rule. 

The office of University Relations says emergency rules on both topics were adopted by the board in August and public hearings about the rules were held by the board on Oct. 23. 

The university says the most significant change in the student codes is the creation of a Title IX grievance procedure for resolving Title IX allegations with sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating and domestic violence and stalking against students. 

University Relations says the new Title IX regulations require that universities hold hearings to determine whether an accused party is responsible for an allegation. 

Additionally, the university adopted an immunization rule, which permits the university to require students to have certain vaccinations, like the flu vaccine and a COVID-19 vaccine (subject to regulatory approvals and recommendations by the CDC or Tennessee Department of Health).

University Relations says the board requested that President Randy Boyd come back to the board before implementing the rule's requirements to the vaccinations. 

The university says some people can be exempt from the immunization rule. Those exemptions include students who are enrolled in online only classes and do not have any in-person classes, students who have a medical contraindication, or students with a religious objection. 

You can see the permanent rules, as approved by the board, in the PDF below: