MARTIN, TN -- For the UT Martin softball program, it was a night to remember, and a signing that will never be forgotten.

"We spent the entire fall recruiting Jada," said head coach Brian Dunn. "And we are excited that she has decided to be with us."

Dunn was talking about the newest member of the Skyhawks program, Jada Watson. Watson, an 11-year old from Bardwell, Kentucky, has battled cystic fibrosis her entire life.

"It is very cool to be on a college team," Jada said.

It was all made possible by the non-profit organization, Team Impact. A group that is determined to connect children with cronic or life threatening illnesses to college athletics.

They were the ones that first reached out to UT Martin.

"There was no second thought," said assistant coach Chelsea Farmer. "It was something we knew we had to do."

"She has been so excited," Jada's mother Billie Watson said. "The first time we met all the girls, they just clicked and this is all she has talked about."

With the signing, Jada will attend Skyhawks practices and games, and just like any other athlete that comes to Martin, she gets her own locker and jersey.

"It brings a big light to our team," said UTM unior utility player Alexis Rogers. "What she is going through is hard. She is in and out of school. Her being a part of the team makes it a lot easier."

And there is already a connection between Jada and her new teammates.

"Ive gotten close to some of the girls," said Jada.

"We snap chat all the time," Rogers said.

But it is not just Jada that benefits from this experience, it is her new team as well.

"She never lets it slow her down," Billie said. "She goes constantly."

"What a joy to know that we have this girl come to our practices to show that she is ok," Farmer said. "We're really making an impact on her today."

And when it comes time for Jada to actually go to college, making that decision is easy.

"I told my mom this is the school I am going to," said Jada. "Since I am already on the softball team."