Votes are in and polls are closed in Grand Rivers, Kentucky, and folks have decided to allow alcohol sales in their city. The city filed a petition in the summer to hold this election.

Voters had one item to vote on at the Grand Rivers Community Center on Tuesday, marking "yes" or "no" to alcohol sales in their city. With all absentee and in-person votes counted, the result was 107 yes and 89 no. 

Almost 15 years ago there was an election to make the county moist. At that time, voters turned down alcohol sales by the drink in restaurants.

This election was made possible by a new law that allows smaller city’s to vote themselves wet. Under the law, there can only be two liquor stores and no taverns or bars. Restaurants with 50 or more seats can apply for a permit to sell liquor.

Tuesday, I’ve gotten a lot of mixed reactions on what people think sales can do for this community.

Supporters say it will  generate more money in the city.

"It would only increase the tourism, increase tax dollars, bring more tourism to the area when they know that can buy liquor here (instead ) of driving to Paducah or somewhere else to get it," Grand Rivers voter Jo Fehrenbacher says. 

Opponents say sales alcohol will change the city they live in for the worse.

We have a quiet, peaceful little town. Always has been, and I hate to see liquor stores and things start here," Grand Rivers voter Deloris Martin says. "And then, you know, it’s just not going to be peaceful anymore." 

 If alcohol sales pass, city council will meet to approve an ordinance regulating them. The mayor says it would be another six to eight months before that passed.