There may be as many cooking apps to choose from as there are any other category. Most do the same thing: meal ideas, shopping lists and step-by-step directions.

Security cameras are great, because we can watch what's happening at home on our smartphone from anywhere. But a report from a consumer watchdog group in the UK found some of the most popular cameras for sale on Amazon could let anyone watch what's going on from their phone.

One in three people over the age of 65 have a hard time hearing simple things like someone talking or the television, according to the National Institute on Aging. But new technology at our fingertips can help.

If you're an audiophile who listens to music by streaming it from Apple, Spotify, Pandora or Amazon, there's good news: Amazon can now stream music in ultra high definition. 

We've told you about these disturbing kids videos before. They're creepy, gross and way too provocative for kids. the videos are all over YouTube. Find one, and kids can follow down a rabbit hole to hundreds of others. Now Google, which owns YouTube is cracking down.

What if you could use a password with 13 characters, letters, numbers, special characters and use a different combination for every online account you have? And what if you could change those passwords every time you log-in.

 Helpster is a different type of homework helper app in that it pairs students with tutors who can explain how to reach the correct answer.

Even if parents are keeping a close eye on their child's smartphone, there are many apps they may have downloaded that parents would never suspect could be a problem.

Twenty or thirty years ago, most students headed off to college were packing electronics like stereos and coffee makers. Today, college students need more tech gadgets to get through the semester — but there are things besides smartphones, laptops and hard drives that will come in handy.

If you’re one of the 100 million Amazon Prime members ready to shop, you may be priming yourself for the fifth annual Prime Shopping Day (this year it’s actually a two-day event).

Amazon charges $119 a year for Amazon Prime. You still get free 2-day shipping and daily deals. But shipping and bargains may not be reason enough to pony up the extra money.

According to AAA, it is illegal to wear two earbuds while you’re driving in 18 states. It’s unsafe. But there are a few options that allow you to talk on the phone while driving down the road.

If you’re suspicious of the government watching your online movements, or just the fact Google keeps track of your search and YouTube history, you’ve probably discovered virtual private networks, or VPNs.

In terms of directly impacting consumers, it’s one of the biggest decisions by the FCC in recent years. Later this year wireless carriers may begin using new but existing technology to block robocalls from getting to your phone.

Americans are expected to spend $16 billion on Father’s Day gifts this year. While that’s still well below Mother’s Day, it’s still a record according to the National Retail Federation.

Every year Apple holds its spring event, WWDC and I wonder what’s left to add to the operating system? Apple introduced its next operating systems, (iOS 13 for the phone, Watch OS6 and the new iPad OS) on Monday. So what’s new? One of the biggest announcements is about what’s gone. In Watch OS6, Apple is finally giving users two…

If you seem to use more of your data plan in the summer months, it’s more than likely because you’re not on a Wi-Fi network as much. The good news is there are a few settings you can change to make your data package last longer.

It’s no wonder so many young people, high school graduates, aspire to be YouTubers, Instagrammers, influencers. Some of the top Instagram influencers charge as much as $25,000 for just one post. That may be a little out of reach, but micro influencers are still able to make money from their online presence.

You may want to give your student a laptop for graduation, but for everyone else, you can give them something that attaches to their computer they not only want, but need. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tech gadgets that I think will make any high school graduate smile.

Don’t put too much into the Amazon review before deciding which gadget to buy. Fake reviews plague Still.

That free app with a trial you just downloaded, could cost you $99 if you’re not careful.

According to the Labor Department there are over 7 million job openings in the United States. Try to look through them though….pretty overwhelming.