It’s one question we’ve all asked or at least wondered: when should I upgrade my phone or computer? Like a lot of things, there are good and not-so-good times to throw down a few hundred (or thousands) dollars on a new device. It’s best to buy a car in August/September when dealerships are making room on the lots for new models.

TVs go on sale around the Super Bowl and just before new models are released. Part of the reason the Super Bowl sees more TV sales is that retailers are making room for the next year’s models that were introduced in January at CES. There’s even a better time than others to buy bed linens (August brings sales for students going off to college). That’s the best time to buy office supplies too.

If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone, Mac computer, or PC, it’s best to hold off until later this year.

New iPhones are typically (as in always) released in October or early November. Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 13, if that’s what it will be called, will be an upgrade from the current iPhone 12 model. New iPhones generally have better cameras, screens and are faster than previous models. In addition, when a new iPhone is released, last year’s model goes on sale with a $100 or more discount.

If you just have to replace a broken iPhone you have to do what you have to do but if it’s a battery that drains too fast, grab a portable charger or extra cable and try to put off replacing it a few months.

It’s also a good time to wait on getting a Mac computer. Apple will release new MacBooks before Christmas. If you want a new iPad, Apple released the latest model earlier this year so you probably won’t find deals any better than the ones right now.

Speaking of computers and laptops this is not the best time to purchase a new PC or Windows laptop. Microsoft will release Windows 11 later this year on new computers and free downloads for current computers sometime in 2022. A new Windows PC should last 8 or more years before needing to be replaced.

When the new Windows 11 machines come out you may not save any money but they’ll come pre-loaded with the new software. Microsoft will release a free update for current PCs sometime next year but if you’ve ever tried installing a new Windows program you probably know it doesn’t always go smoothly.

Also, if the computer you’re currently is 8 years or older it might not be capable of running Windows 11; so there’s that too.

Laptops will likely go on sale in the next month for back-to-school and off-to-college students so you may have no choice. But if you do, be patient and you’ll find better deals around Christmas.