PADUCAH — The preliminary hearing of a man accused of murdering local special education teacher, C.D. McCord, continued Friday. 

The first and only witness, Paducah Police Department Detective Jordan Murphy, was called by the Commonwealth to testify in the murder of McCord. 

Murphy says in his testimony the police department received multiple calls about shots fired in the area of McCord's home and officers found McCord dead with apparent gun shot wounds. 

He continues his testimony by saying witnesses at the scene told officers they saw a man, later identified as Kelvin Richardson, leaving McCord's backyard with a gun still in his hand and fleeing on a bike.

In a post-Miranda interview with detectives, Richardson says he went to McCord's residence on Fountain Avenue trying to find her and her neighbors, with whom he had a feud. He said he had intended on killing all of them because of the dispute in March. 

Murphy says McCord was already in the backyard when Richardson arrived. He already had a gun in his hand, telling her to text the neighbors in an attempt to lure them inside so that he could kill them. 

Richardson stated McCord refused to go inside to do so and braced herself on her outside door frame, prompting him to strike her hand with the butt of the handle of the gun, then hit her in the face with the gun, knocking her on the ground. 

Murphy says as McCord tried to get away, Richardson fired one shot at her, hitting her in the shoulder and back area and knocking her to the ground. The detective says Richardson's gun misfired the second shot, then he fired another shot which hit McCord in the head.

Murphy says Richardson stated he then waited around six or seven seconds to see if the neighbors were going to come outside, as if he had an opportunity to kill them as he intended to do and before he fled on his bicycle through the alley. 

Murphy say numerous witnesses saw Richardson leaving McCord's yard with the gun still in his hand. Another witness actually saw Richardson fire the second shot at McCord and said he was backing away from her body after the first shot, and she was already on the ground at this point, before he re-approached and stood over her head and fired another shot. 

Murphy says McCord had an Domestic Violence Order (DVO) against Richardson which states he could not contact her or be within 500 feet of her house. He says Richardson also explained his displeasure about the protective order.

Richardson also has numerous prior felony convictions and Murphy says Richardson showed absolutely no regard for his actions and even blamed McCord. 

After Murphy testified, Richardson spoke up to ask if he could ask Murphy some questions. The meeting was then muted and Richardson's Defense Attorney was able to call the jail where Richardson is located to find out his questions and ask them.

Richardson's DA asked Detective Murphy several questions including if Murphy was collecting cell phone video or surveillance camera footage. Murphy says that he has made a request to get the footage from the cameras that are located on McCord's property, but he doesn't know what will be available. 

Murphy also says the police have confiscated McCord's and Richardson's cell phones for evidence. He says Richardson's has been searched. 

Additionally, Richardson's DA asked if any bullet casings were recovered on the scene. Murphy said no, however, one projectile was recovered from the ground near McCord's body and another one was found in her body. Police are still trying to find who the gun actually belongs to. 

When closing the hearing, the Judge said he does find a probable cause to believe that an indictable offense has been committed. 

Richardson's next court appearance is June 25, at 8:30 a.m.

The Judge says Richardson's bond will remain at $1 million cash because he believes Richardson is a danger to the community and probable cause found he committed murder and threatened people. 

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