PADUCAH — What's for breakfast? What's for dinner? Parents, these are two questions you probably hear too often! Whether you're a family of five or living with your partner, staying on a budget and coming up with new meals to cook every day can be stressful. There are some ways to help with the food drama.

Don't start from scratch: You don't have to spend hours sorting through a cookbook to make extravagant, complicated meals. Start with your go-to, simple ingredient meals,  and you can repeat those every week or two.

Open up your fridge, freezer and pantry: Get creative. There are some meals that you can make with some food already in there. Shopping your home kitchen can help you decide on recipes, you'll avoid wasting food and avoiding spending more money.

Dedicate some prep time and cook your meals: Whether it's on a Sunday or Wednesday, this will keep you prepared and on a schedule.

Cook the food you like to eat: There might not be anything worse than being stuck with a dinner or lunch that you're not in the mood for. Think of some ingredients or meals that you really like that you or your family won't have a problem eating.

There are many ways you can go about meal planning. You can write it all out on a calendar, or you can plan for the whole week or just a couple days.

You can make enough rice, protein and vegetables for several days. That way, you don't have to worry about cooking because you already have a healthy meal ready.

West Kentucky Community and Technical College is hosting a cooking on a budget breakfast class Thursday. Those who attend will learn how to make buttermilk pancakes from scratch. The event is scheduled from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Marine Technology Kitchen, in room 159 of the Anderson Technical Building.

There will also be another class offered on Thursday, Nov. 21.

It's $20 per class. To register for the class online, click here or call 270-534-3335.