Transmitter/Antenna update June 5, 2020

The new antenna installation is completed and tested. Our tower crew and Dielectric, the company that built the antenna, were on site Thursday, June 4, to test the antenna. 

Chief engineer Dan Wilson says 'the new antenna and line ping was good and well within specs.' 

Wilson and Engineer Gary Parks have pulled the new transmitter from storage and moved it into the building and stood the three cabinets upright. 

Wilson says he had one more load to take out to the Ballard County site and all the equipment would be there. 

The company that built the new transmitter, Gates Air, will be on site Monday, June 8, to begin installation, then hook the transmitter to the transmission line leading to the antenna. 

It is our HOPE to be operating at full power by Monday, June 22, which is a week ahead of schedule. 

A reminder: we are in the process of installing a new transmitter, as mandated by the federal government during the process we are forced to broadcast on a temporary low-power transmitter connected to an antenna that is at a reduced height. 

This has caused our broadcast coverage area to shrink and is causing pixelation for some viewers and loss of signal for others. This is temporary.