BARDWELL, KY — A local World War II veteran just celebrated his 100th birthday.

Thomas E. George, who prefers to go by Tom, calls Countryside Center in Bardwell his home. On Friday, the facility opened its doors to dozens of family, friends, and veterans who came to wish Tom a happy 100th birthday.

Tom was drafted during WWII and served a three-and-a-half-year tour of duty in Europe. He saw combat and had several close calls, but he made it home.

How has he managed to live to 100 years old? Tom says the Lord has watched over him. He also offered this advice: “I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink,” Tom said. “And those are two things that I would say, if you do, do it in moderation.”

“What he’s done for his community and his country, he’s just, you know? And I’ve known him all my life, too, because I’ve been here all my life. But, he’s actually one heck of a fine fellow,'” said Terry Polivick, a friend of Tom’s and an honorary member of the VFW in Bardwell.

A story about Tom’s service will air on Jan. 15. He’ll be the first veteran featured in a new Local 6 series called Service & Sacrifice. These stories will air every other Tuesday on Local 6 at 10.

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