Ben Saxton fills feed bag

MAYFIELD, KY — After 50 years of working in livestock supply, Ben Saxton is still going strong well past the usual retirement age. He's worked at Odom's Livestock Supply for the past 26 years. Saxton recently turned 90, and he still works five days a week. He says he keeps working because he loves his job, and it keeps him in shape. 

"I feel better when I go to work and I've got something to do," Saxton says. "That gives me motivation to get up and go to work and be able to do it. That's what motivates me to continue." 

One of the biggest parts of Saxton's job is getting 50-pound bags of livestock feed ready for shipping, and he lifts them all himself. Odom's Livestock Supply owner, Joe Odom, says even at 90 Saxton gets the feed bags ready faster than other employees. Saxton uses his years of experience to teach younger co-workers and set them up for a future in the feed industry. 

"Since I've been here I've taught a lot of them from the beginning, and of course they went on to do better things," Saxton says. 

Saxton says he understands that he can't do this type of work forever. 

"I know it's going to become a day when I'll have to stop," Saxton says. "I'm prepared for that. When that day comes I'll just stop and be happy." 

He says, for now, that day won't be anytime soon. Saxton says he's blessed to keep working this long, and as long as he's physically able, he'll continue to work.