WPSD Local 6 is currently broadcasting on a temporary transmitter at a lower power and with an antenna at a reduced height. These two elements, low-power and lower antenna height mean that our broadcast coverage area has shrunk.

This is temporary as we install a new high-power transmitter mandated by the Federal Communications Commission as part of the nationwide repack of broadcast television frequencies. Almost every TV station in America is undergoing, or has undergone, this process.

We understand this disruption of your normal viewing habits is frustrating. But, it must be done.

This change impacts all viewers who use an indoor or outdoor antennae to receive WPSD. Below you can see a map that shows the new, temporary, reduced coverage area. If you live inside the smaller red dashed circle a simple rescanning of your TV should pick up WPSD on our new frequency. However, some variables do exist—if you have an indoor antenna or live in a low spot sheltered by surrounding hills—you may not receive the signal. It is best to have an outdoor antenna with a booster.

If you live outside the smaller red dashed circle—an indoor antenna will not pick up the signal and some outdoor antennae may not receive the signal. Again, distance outside the new, temporary, coverage area and terrain will impact your ability to receive the signal.

Tower crews are installing our new broadcast antenna over the next two weeks. Once that is completed, engineers will dismantle our existing full-power transmitter, haul it off, and install our new full-power transmitter. All of this should take about 30 days if the weather and other variables don’t impact our timeline.

Your TV viewing will return to normal once all of this is completed.

While WPSD remains at low-power we will stream all local newscasts on our web channel at WPSDLocal6.com. If you have a Roku, Amazon Firestick, or AppleTV — WPSD has FREE apps for those devices. You will be able to watch all local newscasts on those apps too.

antenna coverage map