Traci L. Jones

Traci Leigh Jones 

TRIGG COUNTY, KY — New details have been released in connection to the woman's body found floating in a container on the Kentucky Lake, according to the Stephenville Empire-Tribune, a news source based in Stephenville, Texas. 

The body was found on Sunday, June 21, and originally identified as 41-year-old Traci L. Jones of Granbury, Texas, it is now known Jones was a Dublin resident. 

On June 24, 60-year-old Jeffery Rogers of Arlington, Texas, was arrested in connection to the case. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says Rogers rented a boat in Paris, Tennessee, then used it to dispose of Jones' body in the Kentucky Lake. Texas Rangers arrested him in Fort Worth on charges of abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence.

The Empire-Tribune is reporting Jones was found in a black 50-gallon Craftsman tote box with wheels and a lid.

TBI Special Agent Joseph Hudgins reported the lid had multiple holes drilled into it and was zip tied shut from the outside of the box, according to the the Empire-Tribune. It is believed the body was dumped in the state of Tennessee and floated into Kentucky. 

The Empire-Tribune is reporting an affidavit was obtained from Attorney Heath Allen of Stephenville, who stated that Jones initiated contact with Allen because she was having a dispute with Rogers and his wife, Tammy, an Arlington ISD principal. Investigators say that dispute led to the murder of Jones, according to the Empire-Tribune. 

The Empire-Tribune is reporting Rogers was charged with the murder of Jones by strangulation and is currently being held in the Tarrant County Jail on a recommended bond of $1 million. Under Texas law, murder is a first-degree felony carrying a range of punishment of five to 99 years or life in the penitentiary. 

The Empire-Tribune says they contacted Erath County District Attorney Alan Nash early Monday evening who said, "I am not in a position to explain more than what is in the public record and my email explanation of the punishment rage for the charged offense."

The Empire-Tribune reports that Rogers and his wife were involved in a pornography production called Circle V Entertainment. It was revealed that Jones was also engaging in sexual activities with Rogers and his wife, where she was compensated through Venmo and shared a Wells Fargo account with Rogers, according to the Empire-Tribune. 

Allen believed that Jones had made contact with an NBC DFW affiliate and Arlington ISD about their relationship, and the Empire-Tribune reports it was Allen's understanding that Jones was fearful of Rogers and his wife. 

The Empire-Tribune is reporting that Rogers purchased a 50-gallon Craftsman black tote with a red lid at Lowe's in Burleson on June 15. The tote appeared to be identical in size, color, and design to that in which Jones' body was found in the Tennessee/Kentucky Lake. 

The Empire-Tribune is reporting that Rogers' wife, Tammy, admitted Jones was paid to perform sex on video and all three engaged in sexual acts, but only Jeffrey Rogers was having sex with Jones since the demise of their threesome relationship. The Empire-Tribune also reports that Tammy lost her job as principal due to Jones' complaint about the porn production she and her husband were operating. 

Additionally, the Empire-Tribune is reporting that Tammy stated on June 16, her husband said he was going to Dublin to meet with Jones and pay her money. When he left, he never answered three texts that Tammy has sent to him and returned home at 6:45 a.m.

The Empire-Tribune is reporting Rogers and Tammy left for Kentucky to visit family on June 17. Tammy alleged she knew there was a cooler in the back of the pickup for drinks, but never opened it during the trip. 

The Empire-Tribune reports Rogers rented a pontoon boat at the Paris Landing Pontoon Rentals in Tennessee for half a day and surveillance footage of the rental shows Rogers loading a container covered by a blanket onto the front of his boat at 9:33 a.m. and the video shows Rogers leaving the marina at 9:52 a.m. 

The Empire-Tribune reports that Texas Ranger Don Stoner met with Rogers at the Tarrant County Sheriff's office on July 1 where Rogers admitted he caused Jones' death in Texas after leaving a Holiday Inn in Stephenville. Rogers also admitted Jones was alive when leaving the hotel with him, but became "scared" of Jones and subsequently caused her death. 

The Empire-Tribune reports that Rogers stated what he did to Jones' body was 'dishonorable' in regards to discarding her body in Tennessee, but he wanted the Tennessee charges to go away in exchange for details about her death. 

The Empire-Tribune reports Rogers said, "I want to tell you why and how I did it." Additionally, the Empire-Tribune says he was firm in saying that he was responsible for Jones' death and discarding her body. 

The Empire-Tribune reports Rogers said, "I own it, Tammy had nothing to do with it." He also claimed he and his wife were engaged with the victim in pornography but that the relationship deteriorated after Jones contacted news stations and Arlington ISD about the porn production business. 

The Empire-Tribune reports Rogers said, "I have the pieces to the puzzle you need" and that no one else was around when Jones died. He also stated he tried to 'throw off' investigators by texting Jones after the murder, thinking maybe law enforcement would not think he did it, according to the Empire-Tribune.