PADUCAH, KY -- Local high school football coaches voted McCracken County's Blakely Miller as the #6 Player of Gridiron Glory in 2020. Here's what some of those coaches said about him:

Paducah Tilghman's Jonathan Smith: "I think he is going to be a third year starter for Coach Clark coming back for McCracken County. He is one of those guys that honestly it has been fun to watch him develop. He has got tremendous lower body strength, and he understands, and this is something that with offensive linemen separates good ones from great ones, is he understands the importance of being technical with all of his steps."

Graves County's Nick Kemp: "A force up front, he is really big and can move really well. It is his size that stands out, but the way he just kind of punishes people. The way he is always moving and he is quick. There is a lot of high school lineman that are big, but it is hard for him to get to the next level, but you can tell by watching him play that he is a next level player."

Mayfield's Joe Morris: "When it comes down to it and they need a yard or two and they are struggling in the game, they are going to run behind him. He has been playing a lot of football for McCracken County and he is the heart and sole of that offensive line."