MURRAY, KY -- Instead of starting their football workouts with warmups or a walk-through, the Murray Tigers begin their workouts with temperature checks of every player that steps on campus.

"Right now it does make things interesting," said head coach Keith Hodge. "But we will do whatever we can and will do what we have to do to get these kids out here."

It is how every high school football teams across the state of Kentucky and the entire country is having to do in order to hold team activities amid the current pandemic.

"We realize this is what we have to do to have a season," senior Gaige Jacobs said.

"It is not something that we are used to, but we are just glad to be out here and be able to work," said senior Brendan Dahncke.

It's attitudes like that, that have made these first workouts for the Tigers such a success.

"I am very proud of them and how they have adjusted," said Hodge. "I think once the whistle blows and we have gotten started, it does feel like a normal practice."

Along with the temperature checks, each player brings their own water, equipment is cleaned after each use, groups are separated, and no footballs are being used.

"Not a single player has asked for a football," Hodge said. "They are not worried about that right now."