Request A Story Seen On Local 6

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To request a DVD copy of a story seen on a Local 6 newscast download the form provided and submit it by mail to the station.

Once the form is complete, follow the directions, sign agreeing to the terms, and include a check in the appropriate amount.

Duplication request may take 10 to 14 days to fulfill.

The cost of one DVD dub of a news story is $25, additional dubs are $5 each.

There is NO charge for dubbing stories featuring your family member serving in the military, but a request form must still be filled out below.

A subpoena MUST accompany all news story requests submitted by attorneys. There is a $50 charge for subpoena demanded dub.

News story dubs may NOT be posted to the Internet. News story dubs are for your personal use and can not be copied or altered in anyway. News story dubs may NOT be used for commercial, political or promotional purposes. Although you have purchased a copy of a news story, WPSD Local 6 retains the rights to the news story.

News stories cannot be previewed before choosing to purchase.

All news dubs will be mailed regular class. No express deliveries. Please allow at least 10 to 14 working days for the copy to be made.

We will do our best to search our archives to find the requested story but we cannot guarantee the video piece requested has been preserved. If the video is not found, we will return your check.

Your check must accompany your request for the DVD dub of the news story.

For assistance call Mike Spissinger at: 270 415-1940