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Strep throat, RSV, rashes and seasonal allergies: That's what they're seeing this week at Baptist Health Urgent Care in Paducah. 

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Pediatrician Elizabeth McGregor says they're treating a stomach bug this week at Four Rivers Internal Medicine in Paducah.

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There's a stomach bug making the rounds in one local community. Watch this week's What's Going Around to learn what else clinics are treating …

Allergies, a stomach virus and reactions to poison ivy: we've got a quick look at what your doctor is treating in this week's What's Going Around. 

Sinusitis, bronchitis and gastroenteritis: that's what Baptist Urgent Care in Paducah is seeing most patients for this week.

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Health care workers are still treating new COVID-19 cases locally, but some say they are seeing lower numbers this week.

It's another busy week for health care providers. Watch this week's What's Going Around for a look at what doctors are treating in your community.