Should I get an attorney or try to handle the claim with the insurance company by myself?

It is important to realize that the goal of insurance adjusters is to minimize claim payouts which protect company profits.  An attorney’s goal is to protect you!  Our attorneys and staff have years of experience handling personal injury cases; one of our staff worked in the insurance claims industry for years.   We know how to assess the value of a case and we know how to locate other sources of recovery for you. When your future is at stake it’s important to consult the right attorney.

How soon should I consult an attorney regarding a personal injury claim?  

 The sooner you seek advice from an attorney the better off you are.  If you come to us early enough we can save you from making a lot of costly mistakes.  It is important to realize that once things have been put on the wrong track it is often times hard to reverse.   Don’t regret not having spoken to an attorney sooner. Please note the statute of limitations varies by case and state.

What is the cost for consulting an attorney in a Personal Injury case?

At the Bryant Law Center your initial consultation is free!  You will not be charged anything until we settle your case.  At the time of settlement court costs and case expenses will be your responsibility.

The insurance company wants to write me a check and settle my case.  Should I accept the money?

The simple answer is no.  It is important to take your time and consult your doctor and attorney before accepting anything from the insurance company or signing any documents.  Once you sign a release, your claim is over. If you change your mind, or your injuries become worse, the insurance company is not responsible for any additional payment on your claim.

The insurance company requested a recorded statement and a signed authorization form.  Should I do that?

Do not provide any recorded statement or sign anything with the insurance company without first seeking advice from an attorney.  Recorded statements can be used against you when settling your claim.  The most innocent comment can be misconstrued and used to damage your case.

Also you need to understand; by signing an authorization form insurance companies will be able to get information regarding your medical records, employment records, educational records, and financial records.  They can then use this information against you to deny your claim or reduce your compensation.  When you hire an attorney they know to only obtain the records necessary to support your claim and they in turn will provide only those necessary documents to the insurance company.