MAYFIELD, KY -- Mayfield football coach Joe Morris and the Cardinals were back on the field this week for the start of spring practice.

It's the official start of year 24 with the Cardinals for Morris, who retired from teaching at the end of the fall semester.

Morris then decided he would remain as Mayfield head coach following an offer from the school earlier this month.

"I enjoy it and enjoy almost every part of it," Morris said. "I enjoy the Friday nights. I enjoy the preparation all day Sunday. I enjoy all of that and I enjoy being around the coaches and being around the players so I never lost that, that is fore sure. That is not why I retired. It was just time to get out. I am glad to be back out here coaching and being a part of Mayfield High School again and hopefully we get another championship."

Morris has won 271 games in his previous 23 years at Mayfield to go along with six state championships.

His 271 wins rank 18th in Kentucky high school football history.