Murray State’s Ja Morant has spent the last couple of days in New York City going through all the pomp and circumstance proceeding tomorrow’s 2019 NBA Draft. But you have to wonder how he’s going to sleep tonight knowing that tomorrow his life will change forever.

Wednesday in Brooklyn was Media Day at the Draft. Morant got to deal with a media scrum we haven’t really seen since the NCAA Tournament. If you were able to gather anything from listening to Morant’s full interview today, it has become readily apparent he has all but reached his media saturation point. There aren’t really any new questions to ask, and he seemed rather tired of answering the same ones for the umpteenth time. Once again today, in a variety of ways, Morant was asked if he cared which team picks him Thursday night.

“No, it doesn’t (matter),” Morant said. “I’m just going to try to go in and continue to be the same Ja and try to make an impact for whichever team drafts me. Come in and just try to help the team win ball games.”

When asked if he was confident but not cocky, Morant replied, “Very confident and humble at the same time. I feel like if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?”

All signs point to the Memphis Grizzlies selecting Morant with the #2 overall pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft.