PADUCAH, KY — Earning a college scholarship was something that Cade Estes never dreamed about.

“I get to go bike at college and be able to earn an education for the rest of my life,” Estes said.

Riding his mountain bike started out as a hobby then eventually led him to a spot on the McCracken County cycling team. After one race, he was hooked.

“After that race is really when I sparked an interest,” he said. “Ok I need to get a better bike and this is something I wanted to start training for.”

In order to get that new equipment, Estes went to a local bike shop and used his love of shooting videos to his advantage.

“What happened is they offered me this bike in return for some video,” Estes said. “I was able to get a master bike, make some videos for them for their social media.”

The success on the course came shortly after, but just before his junior year he hit a major bump.

“I was being stupid on the bike and went off a ramp and was trying a trick and didn’t work out to well so I snapped my collar bone,” said Estes. “I love this sport, but racing, I thought, for me was over. It is going to be time for me to move on.”

But he gave the sport another try, and eventually finished top-five at the state championship.

“That is when the Lindsey Wilson coach was there,” he said. “He saw me and was like, would love to have you on our team and it progressed from there.”

With that scholarship, Cade set the benchmark as the first member from the McCracken County team to earn a scholarship.

“Having the opportunity to do that and to get that scholarship it is really cool,” he said. “It is an exciting feeling for sure.”