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This is the time of year where high school basketball programs can get some work in as a team. Coming off a season filled with question marks and unknowns, there seems to finally be a sense of calm with the Marshall County Marshals.

Monday was the start of the Lake Chem Credit Union Summer Shootout at Marshall County. Sixty to 70 teams will be playing there in the two-day event, but a lot of eyes in the gym were on Marshall County junior Zion Harmon. Harmon is one of the Top-20 players in the country in the Class of 2021.

Harmon was ineligible to play for the Marshals last season after transferring in from Adair County. Most of Marshall County’s season seemed wrapped around whether Harmon would ever be allowed to play. This year they know he can play, which Marshall County Head Coach Terry Birdsong says will obviously be a huge boost.

“He just makes everybody on the floor defensively accountable,” Birdsong said. “He puts so much pressure on you to stop him and then you have to decide who you’re going to leave. The great thing for us is we feel like one thing that we do have is a lot of guys that can shoot the ball. We lost 13 games by single digits (last year), and a big part of it was we couldn’t seem to get that big basket when we needed it. Now we’ve got a guy that can do it, so he brings a lot to our team.”

The Summer Shootout at Marshall County runs through Tuesday.