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PADUCAH, KY — When Dan Morehead and his daughter Sarah get on the lake, nothing else matters.

“It is just a way of life,” Dan said. “That is all we have ever done.”

However, depending on the day, a bet or two may be the topic of conversation.

“You get a dollar for the first fish, dollar for biggest fish, dollar for smallest,” said Sarah. “I have still not gotten paid.”

“I don’t think I have gotten paid yet for my ones that I have won,” said Dan. “Everything is a competition.”

It is a unique father-daughter bond that is rooted in the outdoors. It has been strengthened in recent years as Dan has stepped away from 27-years as a professional angler and is now an assistant coach for the McCracken County Bass Fishing Team, where Sarah just finished her senior year.

“I can’t get her out of bed to go to school, but if there is a fishing tournament, she is up at three ready to go,” said Dan.

“It was a hobby of mine,” Sarah said about starting to fish. “Until freshman year when I did Tuesday tournaments with dad.”

It didn’t take long before Sarah started winning tournaments herself.

“To see her passion and how good she has come, it is a pride thing,” Dan said. “It means more to me than most of the tournament wins I have ever had.”

“He is more excited than we are,” Sarah said. “When we lose a fish, he is a little more sad than we are, you can see it in him.”

The Morehead family bond with fishing goes well beyond just Dan and Sarah. Dan’s father was a longtime staple out on Kentucky Lake, while his mother, Sue Morehead, was instrumental in starting the fishing program at McCracken County High School.

“She took it upon herself,” said Dan. “When She gets something in her mind, she is not going to be told no.”

“She went to the principle and board office,” Sarah said. “I remember when she finally got the team together she was so excited.”

That is a major reason why both Dan and Sarah want to continue the family legacy.

“It is just a way of life,” said Sarah. “That we always do.”

“We live in west Kentucky, one of the greatest fisheries around,” said Dan. “It is not just the Moreheads, it is a way of life for a lot of people.”