PADUCAH, KY — Marshall County junior Jay Nimmo has played in big golf tournaments all over the country, but is now preparing for the biggest one of his career, the United States Junior National Championship.

“This is definitely the biggest of the year, the biggest of my career so far,” Nimmo said. “I am just hoping to just go out there and play well.”

Nimmo normally keeps a pretty busy schedule throughout the summer playing in various American Junior Golf Association tournaments across the country. But it is because of that schedule, that he believes he is ready to face the toughest test of his career.

“The grind, it is every week I am somewhere playing,” said Nimmo. “If not, I am here practicing trying to prepare for a tournament, so it is a lot to take in but I am enjoying it and looking forward to it.”

The first round of the US Junior National Championship will take place on July 15th in Toledo, Ohio.