MAYFIELD, KY -- Just two months ago, Nick Kemp was getting ready to begin his 8th season as an assistant coach at Graves County. However, after Eagles head coach Morgan Cruce abruptly resigned his position, Kemp was quickly made the new head man.

"Kind of a whirlwind," Kemps said about the last two months. "The players and assistant coaches look at me in a different role."

But there was no hesitation on his part to take over, because becoming a head coach had always been a dream.

"It was an opportunity I took with open arms," he said. "I hated the way it happened but was ready to step up and do my part."

The players welcomed him with open arms as well, because of their previous relationship with him.

"We were down when coach Cruce left and we knew that Kemp was coming in we knew it was going to be alright," said senior Cody Goatley.

"He is the person who put me on the field my freshman year," senior Nelson Browning said. "We have a bond and I can go to him about anything."

"It has been a little different," said Kemp. "When we are down there practicing, the clock messes up, everybody looks at me to fix it."\

But despite that new role, nothing has changed much in his approach to the game.

"He is so energetic and it is like nothing has changed for him," Browning said.

"He still has that same energy," said Goatley.

It is that energy that has the Eagles wanting to please their new head coach, but also proving that they can adjust just as Kemp did.

"I told them adversity hits in life," said Kemp. "We are a family and families have adversity and we are going to push through it and get ready for the season."