PADUCAH, KY -- The Kentucky High School Athletic Association voted on Friday morning to extend the current guidelines for segment three of their return to play until August 2.

That means that all sports can continue with non-contact practices until at least that date. For high school football, that means that no helmets, pads, or hitting until then.

The board also voted to limit practice time to six hours for each individual sport.

"It does not look wise to advance any participation beyond what we are doing right now in sports," said KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett.

The board also discussed the intent to address the start of each sports season at a later date this month due to the ever changing landscape when it comes to the current pandemic.

Tackett was very blunt at times, saying that the 2020 athletic seasons will not look like 2019 or 2021.

"The sky is not falling, but we have to be smart about this," he said.

He also put the responsibility of what happens over the next month on people throughout the state.

"We are not a political organization," Tackett said. "If our state wants high school sports this year, you have to adhere to the CDC guidelines. We have to do that."

"If our health numbers change in a positive way, or even negative way that will change the outcome," said Tackett.

Tackett also made it clear that each of the seven fall sports will be treated differently when it comes to start times and game dates.

Golf for instance, is scheduled to start on time and be able to hold events as regularly scheduled due to the ability to social distance and adhere to guidelines.

The next Board of Control meeting is set for July 28th to make any more decisions on fall sports and beyond.

"Everyone needs to take a deep breath," said Tackett.