HICKMAN, KY -- Through the first four games of the season, Fulton County's Caleb Kimble has proved that he is without a doubt one of the best running backs in the state.

"I'm fixing to score," Kimble said. "When I get the ball, I am scoring."

Kimble has ran for 814 yards so far this, which is 2nd in the state of Kentucky, and 16th in the nation.

"It is for real crazy," he said.

"Every time he touches the ball, something explosive happens," Fulton County head coach James Bridges said. "He makes something out of nothing."

Kimble is averaging over 200 yards per game, but there is one game that bothers him more than others. Against South Fulton, he ran for just 70 yards and two touchdowns in one quarter, and left with an injury. But its not the stats that bother him, it is the loss that came with it.

"Even right now, it is hurting me because we couldn't get it done," Kimble said.

Which is why for Kimble, stats don't matter, it is the end result for the team.

"That is my motivation," he said. "Growing up, you hear that we don't win a lot of games. I got to get my team and my county on the map."