It is tough sledding right now for the Murray State basketball program. The Racers have dropped three in a row in Ohio Valley Conference play for the first time in four years, and they're off to their first 1-3 start in the conference in 37 years.

For sixth-year head coach Matt McMahon, he has some relatively recent history to draw from to help pull the Racers of their funk.

Back in the 2014-15 season, Murray State and sophomore Cameron Payne were coming off a CIT championship and expectations were sky-high. Early in the season, the Racers went to Xavier and got hammered by 27 points. That was part of a 2-4 start that had everybody on that Murray State coaching staff, including McMahon, scratching their heads.

After that 2-4 start, the Racers won 25-straight games and an OVC championship. Winning 25 games in a row is high bar to clear, but McMahon says he's able to take some lessons he learned from that year and apply them to this year's team, which includes self-reflection for both the players and coaches.

"We've got to be able to create more buy-in and commitment to what we're trying to get accomplished as a team," McMahon said. "I love our team. I think we have good players; I think we have versatility; I think we have inside-outside balance. Obviously it's been a brutal 12 days for our team. We've lost seven league games in three years. We just lost three in 12 days. So there has to be change, but there has to be commitment to change."

The Racers return to the floor on Thursday when they travel to Eastern Illinois.