As Murray State came out of Christmas break in 2011 with a 13-0 record, the Racers, whether they knew it or not, were about to play in front of sellout crowds for the rest of the season. When we recently sat down with Ohio Valley Conference Commissioner Beth DeBauche, she said ticket sales spiked in every arena around the OVC where the Racers were playing.

"There was an overall sense of excitement that was shared," DeBauche said. "This team was rolling into town and it was a big deal wherever the team showed up. Whether it was Murray fans on the road that were willing to travel and be part of the experience, or the local fans of the member institutions wanting to see the team, whether they wanted to see their team pull off an upset or just see the team in general. There was a general excitement to be a part of something, that even in the moment, people realized was special."

Each day during this basketball season, we will take you back to how we covered the Racers during their memorable 2011-12 season where they finished the year with a record of 31-2 overall.

This all leads to our ten-part documentary, "Stay on Your Wall: The Story of the Greatest Season in Murray State Basketball History." Each of the ten episodes will air on Saturday night at 6:30pm, with the first episode airing on January 8th, 2022.