On this day ten years ago, we talked with first-year Murray State Head Coach Steve Prohm about the differences between running the Racer program and being an assistant coach.

"It's more of a mental tired," Prohm said. "I'm having an unbelievable time. It's great, but I've got to keep focused on getting better every day and getting our team ready to play every day. There's no down time. As an assistant, sometimes, at least I could, if it wasn't your scout or you weren't gone recruiting, you had some time where you didn't have to worry about what you were doing at practice the next day. That was going to be prepared for you. Coach (Billy Kennedy) was going to bring that to the table. As a head coach, every day, you have to be ready to go."

Each day during this basketball season, we will take you back to how we covered the Racers during their memorable 2011-12 season where they finished the year with a record of 31-2 overall.

This all leads to our ten-part documentary, "Stay on Your Wall: The Story of the Greatest Season in Murray State Basketball History." Each of the ten episodes will air on Saturday night at 6:30pm, with the first episode airing on January 8th, 2022.