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MURRAY, KY — In just four days, Murray State’s Linette Holmslykke will get a chance to do something that no other Racers has done before her, compete for a National Championship.

“If you told me two to three years ago when I came here, you are going to play in the national championship I would be like, you have got to be kidding,” Holmslykke said.

“I knew the talent was there,” said Murray State women’s golf coach Velvet Milkman. “Only a matter of, will she develop, will she want to develop, put in the time.”

Holmslykke did put in the time, and that was on display with a historic performance at this years NCAA Regional Tournament. Not only did she qualify, she set the tournament low score with a seven-under 65 in the second round.

“Kind of made magic,” she said. “I didn’t stop smiling until the second to last hole.”

Holmslykke wasn’t alone in celebrating her qualifying, as she was able to do it with her parents, who surprised her by flying in from Denmark to watch her play. It was the first time they had seen their daughter play in college.

“I see them there and I was like what,” Holmslykke said. “Just having them there celebrating something that big was amazing.”

Her family is spending the next week with their daughter, and will make the trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the NCAA National Championship. For Linette, it’s added motivation to get ready for one last tournament.

“It is surreal it really is,” she said. “To me, it doesn’t feel like the national tournament right now. It is just the next tournament. I am just going to say whatever happens happens.”

Holmslykke will begin her first round play on Thursday afternoon.