OLIVE, KY -- In the history of Kentucky high school golf, 56 individuals have brought home the boy's state championship. Two of those are from Marshall County.

Travis Thompson won it in 2007, while Jay Nimmo accomplished that goal this year.

But the two share more than just a state championship, as both grew up in the tiny town of Olive, Kentucky.

"We have a saw mill, two churches, few cemeteries," Thompson said.

And they now have two state champions, which the town has proudly displayed on signs entering the city limits.

"It is cool to know how a small community has two of the 56 state champions," Nimmo said.

"For us to be in the small community of Olive is really special because, it's a pride thing being from western Kentucky," said Thompson.

They grew up nearly across the street from each other, with Nimmo saying, "I can get to the edge of my property and hit my driver to his front porch."

"When he won in 07, I was five at the time and it was cool to know we had a state champion down the road," said Nimmo.

Despite being 11 years older, Thompson knew who Nimmo was as well.

"I knew there was a little boy across the street that was always practicing," he said. "I knew something was special with this kid."

Which made Nimmo's run at this years state title bring back a lot of memories.

"I really wanted to be there, but I did text him," Thompson said. "I tried to tell them I am rooting really hard from a far."

"They were really cool messages and to build on that going into the next day was pretty cool," Nimmo said.

Perhaps their favorite part about winning their state championships was the warm welcome they received when they got home. Thompson had a sign put up as you enter Olive back in 2007. Then just three days after winning his state title, Nimmo's sign was put up as well.

"Its always been a joke that if we won I would get up on there," Nimmo said. "So to actually get it up here is really special."

"When they put it up, it turned out to be one of the most memorable things for me," said Thompson. "It is always fun driving past it."

And with Jay being just a junior, another year may be added to that sign.

"That is the goal," he said. "Next year, not going to say it is going to be any easier."

"I expect him to win it again," said Thompson.