We are a little more than two months away from what we hope is the scheduled start of the 2020 high school football season in Kentucky. This has been a big week for football teams, and all fall sports, across the state.

This is officially Phase 2 of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association's plan to bring back high school sports. Monday was the start of this phase as teams are allowed to now meet and work in groups of ten with one coach.

Paducah Tilghman Head Coach Jonathan Smith is running two 75-minute workout sessions for his team. The kids are broken up into small groups and spread out across the football stadium. All the kids have to bring their own water bottles, and have their temperatures taken as soon as they enter the practice field.

These workouts mostly revolve around conditioning since they can't use footballs at this time. Smith says, so far, the workouts have been different, but in a good way.

"The most important part of getting back out here for me is being able to see the eyes and the faces of my guys," Smith said. "It's kind of like I've told you before, it's that relationship piece that is so important. If we're actually going to be playing in the fall, we've got to start getting these guys back in shape and acclimated to the heat. Heat acclimation is one thing us coaches always worry about this time of year, just in general. Going from where they haven't been in any kind of organized activity because of the heat for the last two or three months, I think it's pivotal that we get them back out here and get them back acclimated to the heat."

The next KHSAA phase begins on Monday, June 29th when teams can have up to 50 players working out in the same space.