PADUCAH, KY -- Each year the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl features some of the best high school football players from across the nation.

This year, Paducah Tilghman senior lineman Trevor Harmon will be one of 90 players participating in the all-star game that will take place in January.

"Wasn't really expecting it," Harmon said.

After attending a combine this summer, that began with thousands of high school athletes, Harmon was finally chosen as a finalist.

"I went up against great competition," Harmon said about the combine. "My plan, It was to just to go up there and do my best, which I did."

His selection wasn't a surprise to Paducah Tilghman head coach Jonathan Smith.

"I think he knows it is a big deal," said Smith. "I think Trevor will know he belongs because I think he is more than talented to play at that level. Everything he has done to get to this level is finally paying off."

And Trevor believes that it wasn't just his talent that set him apart.

"Work ethic," he said. "I feel like I have a really good work ethic."

"Trevor has an incredible work ethic," Smith said. "He is a staple on both sides of the ball and you are always ecstatic when you get one and Trevor is that guy."

But don't think that all of the attention is going to his head.

"He is getting a lot of attention but if you talk to him, he is very humble about it," said Smith.

"Coach Smith expects me to be a leader for this team," Harmon said. "I strive to hold that standard no matter what. It is just like any other game I play and I just want to go out there and do my best and have fun."