Local high school football coaches voted Graves County's Cody Goatley as the #2 Player of Gridiron Glory in 2019. Here's what some of those coaches said about him:

Trigg County's Coby Lewis: "He's played quarterback, he's played running back, he plays linebacker."

Mayfield's Joe Morris: "He runs it for them; he kicks it for them; he throws it for them."

McCracken County's Marc Clark: "He's just a football player. A football player. He's a guy you want to try to find more positions for. Everything runs through him."

Marshall County's Evan Merrick: "One of the best linebackers around this year. Real heady kid. He's coached up. He studies well. He always knows where the ball's going. He has a nose for the football there and can take over a game.

Calloway County's Chris Champion: "He's a kid that has been impacting football games since his freshman year."

Paducah Tilghman's Jonathan Smith: "He understands how the game works, and it's very apparent in how hard it is to deceive him and fool him on the offensive side of the ball. In terms of deceptions with backs or quarterbacks or blocking schemes."

Murray's Keith Hodge: "He's really hard to handle. He just finds ways to get to the football."

We'll unveil the #1 Player of 2019 on Friday night at 10pm on the season premiere of Gridiron Glory.